Are you successful? More important, are you happy with your success?

Few people ever achieve anything close to real success—and its resultant joy. You wouldn’t guess that from the shelves of books on the subject that you find in practically every bookstore and library. Why, in spite of so much valuable information, do so few individuals find their way to lasting success?

The real problem is that most people never take into account the single most important factor, the one that affects every other factor critical to lasting success. In fact, most people would consider this unrecognized factor an obstacle to their dreams rather than the missing key!

This little book, in allegorical form, takes you on a journey of discovery with a young man determined to find success, though he has little idea what it is and how to get there at the outset of his quest. If you aren’t sure how to pursue your dreams, join in the adventure. You’ll be glad you did!

© 2017 Bill Palmer
Published by Little Frog Publishing